Get access to ComixSuite for you and your teams by taking advantage of our adaptive offer! Try it out for free, and be convinced.

Tailored to your needs. No commitment.

Free to stop at any time: you are not bound to a subscription offer.
Only pay according to the volume of texts to be translated (Invoicing  ↓).
No translation project this month? You don't owe us anything!
So little cost for so much savings in your translation/lettering process.
Find out all what ComixSuite has to offer to you: What you get? ↓.
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For who?

L3i Laboratory - La Rochelle University

Publishers & Platforms

To simplify & accelerate your work with your translation teams (in-house/freelancers).  

National Research Agency - LabCom


To speed up your internal processes, which will allow you to increase your margin.

You are a freelancer? 

Freelancers can only access ComixSuite by invitation from publishers or studios. But there are other ways to work with us (coming soon).

How much?

Webtoon episode
Median pricing*
Comic book chapter
Median pricing*
Comics/Manga volume
Median pricing*

Contact us for an adjusted pricing regarding your country.

What you get?

Unlimited Projects

Create as many translation projects as you like. No page limit for your books.

Unlimited Members

Invite as many members as you like: your project is fully collaborative!

From/to any language

Translate your comics books to and from any language on ComixSuite.

All upcoming features

Take advantage of the new features regularly added to the software.

Quality Control level 1

AI can make mistakes. If so, we correct to deliver ready-to-use files.

Optimal Files Security

We respect IT security best practices, with isolated access for each client.

Training for your teams

We train your teams to help them get to grips with the tool.

Premium Support

Here to help you at any time. Our chat room is available 24/7.

Two additional options

Contact us if you have other requirements.

Quality Control  level 2

Beyond adding missing bubbles, we correct all bad text transcriptions.

Dedicated Server

We set up a production infrastructure entirely dedicated to your files. 

How do you access to your files?

1. Put your files on ComixSuite secured server

We support a wide range of formats including native ones such as InDesign and Photoshop. For webtoons, it is possible to send us the native or exported images, sliced or not.

2. Get access to your files on ComixSuite

Our AI does not provide a real time result. It is a very powerful and complex technology (see more details). After the analysis phase, you will have access to your file within 1 to 3 days with Quality Control, and in less than a day without it.

3. Manage team access

Manage access to the publishers, publishing assistants, translators and proofreaders, letterers and other external studios. Learn more about Team collaboration.

How do we invoice?

We invoice the volume of text of your comics

Our AI gives you access to the amount of characters, signs and words before you start working on your comics. This volume of text extracted is the basis for our monthly invoicing. We apply a cost per character/word depending on the language analysed.

Fully flexible offer

You are only charged according to your actual text volume, which can vary a lot from month to month.

No commitment

You are free to stop using ComixSuite at any time: billing is based on your volume for the past month.