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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is ComixSuite a tool for automatic translation?

No, ComixSuite is a productivity tool for comic book publishers, translators, proofreaders and letterers. Our tool allows them to work in a collaborative way, and to automate time-consuming tasks such as copy and paste.

So we are in no way trying to replace the work of translators, whose expertise is all the more crucial in literary publishing. Our aim is just to help them work more efficiently, which is why we have simply added an optional automatic pre-translation function for them. It is only there to assist them, and it has been designed in such a way that the translator must expressly validate or invalidate the proposals made by the integrated DeepL module.

Learn more about our translation assistance approach on ComixSuite.

I am a freelancer: can I use ComixSuite directly?

For the time being, freelancers can only access ComixSuite by invitation from the publishers or translation/lettering studios they work with, and to whom we market access to the tool.

However, we are considering a suitable offer for independent access to freelancers. Please let us know if you are interested.

At this stage, there are other ways for freelancers to work directly with ComixSuite. We'll tell you more soon, so stay tuned: sign up for our newsletter!

Does ComixSuite work as a subscription service?

No, our offer is much more flexible: pay only according to the volume of text you need to translate, and without any commitment!

1. To adapt to your production, which can vary greatly from one month to the other. You may also have very long or very short titles, with a lot or little text.

2. To rely on an objective billing criterion, that is much more accurate than an average calculation per page. Thanks to our AI able to count automatically all the words, letters and characters, we apply at the end of each month a price per character for each of your comic books. These statistics are also displayed for each book on your ComixSuite account.

3. To let you free to stop using ComixSuite at any time!

Get an idea of the price (depending on the actual volume of text they contain) between a Webtoon episode, a Manga/Comics chapter or volume.

What is the process for my translations on ComixSuite?

We offer you a free trial on one of your titles, to test ComixSuite and see how the process goes.

If you then use it in production, there are simply 3 steps for each book:

1. Put your file on the ComixSuite secure server, with your dedicated access.

2. Access it on your account within 1 to 3 days, the time for us to correct possible AI errors such as undetected bubbles.

3. Manage your team's access to your translation project: tell us who should have access, for the moment through an Excel file (you will soon be able to manage your team's access yourself from the interface).

Is the software regularly updated with new features?

Yes, we release updates once to twice a month, as you can see on our Product Update page.

We listen a lot to our users to constantly improve ComixSuite. Although we have met many of their needs from our launch in early 2022, we know that there are still features they hope to see added soon. Be assured that we are working hard to provide them with the best possible experience.

Join our community of comic book publishers, translators, proofreaders and letterers: we'd love to hear from you too!