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FAQ on ComixSuite Use

If you cannot find the answer to your question, use the form above ↑.

I do not succeed to connect to my ComixSuite account.

Use the login email and password we sent you.

You haven't received them yet, or you can't find them? Contact us and we will send you back your accesses with a reset password.

Please note that the creation of user accounts is currently done by ComixSuite. Access to the software is firstly allowed to our publisher or studio clients. Freelancers can only access to their projects through their invitation.

The interface seems to be frozen / I get an error message.

First of all, rest assured: ComixSuite is a Cloud software that saves everything you have written in real time (with the history of your actions). So you never lose anything, and we can find a text that would have disappeared because of a misclick or a technical problem:

1. A network issue can happen
: just to be sure, check your connection and try to reload the page. This can often just be enough. Please also ensure that you are using a recent version of the web browser, updating your version of Safari, Chrome or Firefox if necessary.

2. Bugs can happen too! We do our best to limit the risk of bugs, but if you see one and report it to us, we will look into it very quickly, and keep you informed of its resolution. To help us identify the bug, you can send us files (like screen recordings or screenshots) by uploading them to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or WeTransfer, and pasting the URL in the contact form. Please make sure the correct sharing permissions have been set. All files sent to us are 100% confidential.

I don't find my translation project on my account anymore.

When you are logged into your account and you see the list of your translation projects, look at the panel on your left.

Your projects are sorted to show only those that are active, i.e. those that you have edited for less than 1 month.

Inactive projects (not edited for more than 1 month) are archived, but they remain accessible anytime.

Other filters are available to identify projects that have not been started, those in progress, and those that contain warnings. We will continue to improve the classification of your projects in the near future.

Can I get a demo to see how the software works?

Of course! If you are invited by one of our publishers or client studios to work on one of their translation projects, we will be happy to give you a Zoom demonstration to show you how the software works.

This will be an opportunity to answer any questions you may have, so don't hesitate!

At first, some of our users were afraid that ComixSuite would be complicated to use. They were surprised at how easy the tool was to use, without us even having to show them. So try it, and ask us for a demo if needed!

We will also add soon a complete online Help Desk, and a live tchat to assist you directly from ComixSuite platform.

There are features I need that I don't see in the software.

ComixSuite has been commercialised from early 2022. Since then, we have improved the tool a lot by taking into account the feedback from our early adopters.

We are very attentive to the expectations of those who use the software, so that we can always better meet their needs.

We know that there are still features they would like to see. They are well planned in our developments, and will be released step by step.

We make regular updates to ComixSuite, as you can see in our Product Updates. Do not hesitate to suggest us any improvement, which we will consider with the greatest attention!