Track your translation

Check the length of your translation in real time. Be alerted immediately if there are any missing or exceeding translations.

Ghost text

Preview for a few seconds the space occupied by the source text, before translating it.

Visual text limit

The length limit is indicated by a pulsator, that is going orange if you exceed it.

Length warning

A warning is triggered if the translation seems too long: correct it, or ignore our alert.

Language size matching

Warnings are indexed according to the target language: German is much larger than Japanese!

We help you anticipate common translation issues

Don't waste time asking the translator to correct mistakes that could have been avoided.

Too long translations

If the translation exceeds the space of the source text, you may have a lettering problem.

Missing translations

It happens even to the most vigilant translators: you won't forget any text from now on!

Unfinished translations

If the translation seems too short compared to the source text, it may be an oversight.

Unconfirmed pre-translations

Automatic pre-translations are proposed optionally and require human confirmation.



You can choose to ignore certain warnings that do not pose an editing problem.

…or set as to review

As a copy-editor or editorial coordinator, indicate which texts need to be reworked.

No Automatic Pre-translation
without Human Approval!