Team collaboration

Your translation team connected in one place, working collaboratively! No more email exchanges: centralize all your feedback directly below the translation.

Track the rewriting

A correction thread allows anyone to keep track of who wrote what, and when.

Choose final version 

Promote the version to keep among all the propositions, for your final reviewing.

Discuss your choices

Comment to explain your corrections, ask for feedback to the members of your team.

Guide the lettering

Give instructions to the letterer (like keeping a handwritten style) that will be exported to PSD/InDesign.

Proofread & Copy edit
the translation

By default, the text is locked to anybody else than the author of the translation. Unlock it to:

Propose alternative translations

Duplicate any translation to suggest another one. Erase or archive the previous version.

Edit for a light correction

Click on the pen button to correct a typing error, erase a double space, or add a dot.

Collaborate in real time
in our Cloud for Comics