Copy-paste saver

Import your translations in seconds at the right place, in your InDesign or Photoshop files.

We focus the letterers on their true added value   

Regain the time and effort wasted on thousands of useless copy and paste.


Our AI can put translated texts in seconds at the right position, saving you hours of work.

focus on design

The letterer’s skills are valued on the most interesting part: the visual rendering!

Install the Scripts

Import your translation with all design instructions 

In addition to the translated texts,  everything that will help you focus on design is imported.

Typo enrichments

Bold, italic… import styled text in PSD/INDD as the translator designed it on ComixSuite.

Whatever your file

Page shift, other proportion… The translation import is resilient to modified text positioning in your PSD/INDD.

Lettering instructions

Publishers or translators comments are imported from ComixSuite to PSD/INDD.

Everything but design

We are taking care about all the tedious tasks, so you can dazzle us now on your lettering skills!

No more missing or
exceeding translations