Translation assistance

Pre-translate on demand. Translate yourself or work hand in hand with our function to speed up the translation of the easiest texts.

1-click confirm/erase

Judge the result in a glance…

  • Absurd?
    Delete it in one click!
  • Correct?
    Validate it, focus on others.

Quick edit

Not so bad?
Click and adjust the test and the translation will be automatically confirmed.

Coloured until confirmed

Pre-translations ripple from orange to green to show that they are not yet confirmed.

25 different languages

ComixSuite uses the worldwide best service DeepL™ to get pre-translations.

Pre-translate if you want, and what you want.

Automatic pre-translation will never be validated without a human approval. Here is how we help to do it.

Batch mode

Run the pre-translation on the current page, a section of pages, or on the whole book.

Warned if unconfirmed

We alert you if a pre-translation has not been humanly approved, so you are always in control.

Other feature to make your translation easier

Save your team time by avoiding back and forth